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We all struggle with stress at times. It can be acute and situation-specific, or chronic and pervasive. Either can be a result of learned and habituated thought patterns, emotional and physiological responses, and/or from ongoing external stressors. Sometimes it’s necessary to work through deep psychological issues in a traditional therapeutic setting, which is not what I offer. However, at other times, we need help understanding our own nervous system, and how to develop strategies to better manage and/or reduce our stress response. This is the work that I do.

I offer education and training in stress management and reduction. Each session is tailored to the individual. The process includes a combination of activities, which may include:

  • Educational lecture and dialogue

  • Practice and instruction in breathing, relaxation, hypnosis and self hypnosis, and meditation

  • Practice of effectively noticing and shifting reactive patterns to increase emotional competence

  • Role play - to practice new patterns of communication

  • Understanding options and choices, and cultivating the capacity for real CHOICE

I believe there are too many messages in the pop-psychology culture that over simplify the ability to “turn things around” and “attract what you want”. “Happiness” is a peak experience, not an ongoing emotional state. However, what we can have more consistently is Peace, Dignity, Integrity, and Authenticity. Life is often difficult, and it is hard to change our deeply ingrained patterns, however, there are ways to move slowly but surely toward more peace and less suffering. We need to start by recognizing and understanding our reactionary tendencies and how to shift those patterns to create new behavior. To that end, we need tools and skills that can help us along the path. Together, we can move you forward on that journey.