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Stress Management
We all struggle with stress at times. It can be acute and situation-specific, or
chronic and pervasive. Either can be a result of thought patterns and emotional responses, and/or from ongoing external stressors. Sometimes it’s necessary to work through deep psychological issues in a traditional therapeutic setting, but at other times we just need
help learning how to cope better to manage and/or reduce the stress response.

I offer education and training in stress management and reduction. This happens
through dialogue, educational lecture, and practice. We will work together in ways
that develop new understanding of your own stress response patterns and cultivate
the capacity to cope more effectively with all that life presents to you.

I believe there are too many messages out in the pop-psychology culture that
over simplify the ability to “turn things around” and “attract what you want”. “Happiness”
is a peak experience, not an ongoing emotional state. However, what we can have
more consistently is peace, dignity, integrity, and authenticity. It is hard to change our
deep-learned patterns, and life at times can be difficult. But there are ways to move
slowly but surely toward more peace and less suffering. We need to recognize and
understand our reactionary tendencies and how to shift those patterns and create
new behavior. To that end we need tools that can help us along this path.
• Learning healthy lifestyle choices
• Creating new patterns of inner dialogue
and new behavioral choices
• Attitude awareness
• Cultivating contemplative, nonjudgmental reflection
and awareness
• Cultivating self acceptance
• Cultivating forgiveness
• Hypnosis and self hypnosis
• Yoga postures and philosophy
• Breathing techniques
• Concentration/Meditation
• Relaxation techniques
• Visualization – Focusing
• Writing exercises that support self discovery and self acceptance
• Identification of core values
• Creating an exercise regimen
that’s doable
• Exploration of your
personal spirituality
• Putting prayer into practice
• Ongoing guided study of teachings, books, video’s, workshops, etc.
• Creating inner space and flexibility vs. tightness and rigidity
The tools that I offer include:
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